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None of my friends post to this tumblr anymore.  I refuse to let it die.

Last post for awhile.

Music is life.  Music is love.

Tanooki Suit AMA Answers!

Also, Abby asked me to do a video series on solving a Rubik’s Puzzle Cube.

Anything ya’ll want to see in it / something specific you’d like me to address about cubes or technique?


If you like music, watch this.  PLEASE watch it.  It is pure excellence in composition and technique.


aigis continues her quest


aigis continues her quest

Hope you feel better soon! ;(

Thanks, Jany! :D

Sorry dude ;c At least when you’re curled up you can jump on your enemies to defeat Dr. Robotnik

I hate Sonic hahaha

Sure! I wasn’t sure what you like sometimes, so I left it open ended.

I actually don’t like anti-biotics at all, but I sure could use them right now haha. <3

I’m bringing you something you like.